If you’re feeling the effects of too much stress in your life, you’ve come to the RIGHT place!

Relaxation Experiences are available in our Oak Park offices By Appointment ONLY! You can request an appointment time on-line and receive a confirmation by text or email.

I encourage my clients to step out of the hustle & bustle of their everyday life, take a deep breath, and allow themselves to truly relax.

To begin Relaxation Experience before you even arrive the office, take a few minutes to think about yourself – how are you feeling, both physically and emotionally?  Have there been any changes in your health since your last visit? What is your intention for today’s session?

When you arrive, I will invite you to take a breath, maybe a sip of water, and share how you are feeling and your intentions. I will then lead you to the treatment room, instruct you on how to prepare for the session, and allow you to get settled on the table.

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