Relaxation Experiences

At Relaxation Plantation, you will receive a Relaxation Experience, not just a basic massage routine! Based on our intake conversation and my intuitive assessment,  I will use a customized combination of energy balancing, vibrational therapy, and pure therapeutic essential oils with massage.


Quick Time Session

Need focus on a specific area?  Want frequent sessions for a short time? This may be your answer! You may choose to upgrade to a specialized Aromatherapy session at no additional cost.

Sessions last 25-40 min. Allow about an hour for your visit. 

Investment: $60 per session ($330 for a  6-Pack+)

Me Time Session

Is stress taking its toll on your body and your life? Have too much day at the end of your energy? Trouble sleeping? Feeling generally cranky? A little “Me Time”, may be just what you need! You may choose to upgrade to an Energy Balancing & Clearing session, a specialized Aromatherapy session, or a Virtual Beach Vacation session at no additional cost.

 Sessions last 50-65 min. Allow about 90 minutes for your visit.

Investment: $100 per session ($540 for a  6-Pack+)

Over Time Session

If you need extra time to relax or you want extra focus on a specific area combined with relaxation, this is the choice for you!

 Session last 75-90 min. Allow about 2 hours for your visit.

Investment: $140 per session ($750 for a  6-Pack+)